Stroboskope Series 2700 MOVISTROB MS 2700-Ex


Universally usable LED-Stroboscope for explosion-hazardous area 1.
Art.No.: 1175

Certified for use in ex-hazardous areas classified as zone 1 in accordance with directive 99/92/EG (ATEX 137)
EG-Type Examination Certificate No.: BVS 08 ATEX E 033
Ex-Designation: II 2 G Ex ia IIC T4

The LED Stroboscope Type MINISTROB MS 2700-Ex is used for the observation of fast periodic or quasi-periodic mechanisms as well as for connection-free measurement of revolutions or vibration-frequencies especially for industrial use in ex-hazardous areas.

small dimensions, low weight, interference free processor-technology, precise frequency adjustment via foil pad with cursor function, standby with data hold function, restart with the last set measurement value by tipping an arrow foil button, automatic switch off with storage of the last set value.


This product is discontinued!

A successor product is being planned.

General Data:

Light Source: 20 white light LED´s of high luminous intensity
Flash duration: 45 - 185µs
Frequency range: 1 - 335Hz = 60 - 20100 RPM (min-1)
with automatic flash power control
Trigger action: internal oscillator
- Internal control: adjustable via foil pad with cursor function, standby (after 2minutes) with data-hold function, automatic switch-off with storage function of the last set value.
Display: via LC Display selectable in Hz (flashes per sec.) or RPM (min-1)
Memory: last set value
Accuracy: <± 0.1% of set value
Flash power control / range switching: automatically

Technical Data:

Power supply: 9V DC (block-6LR1) battery
Power consumption: 70mA / Standby 25mA
Housing: Aluminium / IP 65
Dimensions: 178 x 84 x 35 mm
Weight: approx. 0,400 Kg (incl. Batterie)
Notice: CE-Designation: CE 0102
information data is prior to technical changes


Instruction Manual (4235 KB)

Data Sheet (147 KB)